iTake-5 Lite

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simple straightforward app for optimizing photos ...
... the iPhone way

iTake-5 uses Digital Arts professional Xe847® image optimization technology to generate 5 different versions of your photo, so that you can quickly choose the best one.

The idea is simple.

iTake-5 generates versions of your photo in pairs, and you choose the one you like better until you have narrowed your choice down to 1.

You can even tap between a pair, and versions are merged into a new one.

In just a matter of seconds, you are done.

Use iTake-5 as a replacement for the built-in camera application or to improve your existing photos.

- simple, intuitive, fast, fun, efficient
- nice 3D animated graphics and sound-effects
- multitouch two finger pinch and zoom
- tap between a pair, and versions are merged

- high quality app with sleek and smooth user experience

- solutions, not features

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iTake-5 Lite saves Photos up to 480 x 360 Pixels.
iTake-5 full version is exactly the same, except it saves at full resolution. (Version 2.0 is ready for sale now!!!)

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you might also want to take a look at the review at which states:

"For me this app is a real photographers app, as someone who in the past ran a photo processing lab, I very often see colour casts that this app will be able to fix quickly and easily, for example how often have you seen a landscape picture with nice magenta tinted fluffy clouds? or a nice sunflower with blue tinged foliage? well this app should allow you to correct this in one of the easiest ways." (Version 1.0)